Why take Parish Management 101?

Learn From a Mentor

Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO, has been a leader in the Catholic Church for many years. Priests have relied on his knowledge and skill to properly administer the temporal affairs under their control.

Improve Your Skills

Your mentor, Henry Kutarna, has been a confidant to priests in temporal affairs for 30+ years.

In this course he will help you learn the skills of managing personnel, projects, and more.

Be a Priest First

If you find yourself drowning in administrative duties, learn from an expert in being an efficient administrator. This course will help free your time to do what God has called you to do- shepherd souls.

Parish Management 101 Curriculum

6 Modules

  1. Time Management- learn how to manage time well, not just time "in the office" but all of your time so you can focus on the proper tasks when needed.

    --Henry gives the tools to help deal with procrastination, laziness, emergencies that throw a wrench into your schedule, differing cultural norms about time, the person who won't leave, etc.

  1. Personnel Management- Learn how to manage people effectively by bringing out the best in your staff and parishioners and dealing with difficult people

    --Henry gives the tools of good staff management. He will teaches the best way to correct behavior in a timely manner, since it can be difficult to do.

  1. Project Management- This topic covers the art and science of managing “projects”, ranging from a small project to a large renovation, construction, or upgrade project

    --Henry gives the tools to manage the three factors of a project- the people factor, the financial factor, and the time/schedule factor.

  1. Financial Management- Financial management skills are essential for pastors and assistants because of the increasing complexities of financial projects, a higher level of due diligence requirements, and the additional scrutiny accorded to finances in general.

    --Henry covers the 13 key aspects of Financial Management for use by priests.

  1. Death by Meeting- Learn to run a good, efficient meeting. Your staff will love it. They hate all those long meetings as much as you do, but they don't know how to fix it.

--Henry covers the 3 kinds of meeting and the best practices of great meetings. As a bonus, Henry shows you how to build a great team.

  1. Conflict Resolution- There is always some sort of conflict within parishes.

--Henry covers the 3 kinds of conflict. He gives the tools to analyze the conflict, and fix the situation in a way that does the least amount of damage.

Priests who have taken the course are saying:

We had one of our “dreaded” Finance Council meetings last night.  I implemented several of the techniques Henry taught us.  The meeting was 58 minutes.  Our last one was 150 minutes.  It was great.  

-Fr. John B.

Henry's words have help me realize that if I can serve God in relative order and structure instead of useless anxiety, why shouldn't I? Just as someone sets himself to work on the virtue of chastity, or honesty, or meekness, I set myself to work on the virtues of structured living and working.

-Fr. Richard W.

Why am I doing this?

Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO

You are a Catholic priest. You likely need help with the best administrative practices that are in accord with Catholic teaching to be effective and efficient in your administrative duties. I have been a mentor for CEOs to start-up bootstrappers to priests for 30+ years. It's time I use this knowledge and experience to help priests.

Parish Management 101 is the place to build your administrative acumen. My goal is to help as many priests as possible to be good administrators so they can be holy shepherds.

I have given this course to a small group of parish priests in Australia and New Zealand. I also gave a shortened version of this to seminarians and faculty at St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, TX.

I am currently giving a full 25 session course to two groups of priests. It will last about 18 months. I will be adding additional content and courses as I give these sessions. This course is the first 6 sessions from these last two groups.

These priests paid $75 per session. I am offering this course at under $30 per session, since these are the recordings and not the live sessions where they can ask questions as we go. Email me at henry@thecatholicceo.com if you have questions.

Each session comes with tools and information that can be download and kept for future reference.

Even if you have staff who can do some of the work I cover, such as financial management or project management, you still must be able to understand what they are doing. The buck stops with you. If something goes wrong, you are responsible. A good CEO, which you are, knows what's going on in every segment of his business, even though he's not actually doing all the work.

Parish Management 101: $159

Henry's one-on-one coaching rate is $1000/hour. Six hours of his wisdom for $159 is a 97% lower rate. Continuing education funds should be available for this course.

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